NEW Colour Blast Range!

30th May 2021


If you feel like you need a little space, why not let us take you on a colourful intergalactic adventure?

Get your space suit on and get ready for launch as we introduce you to our Colour Blast range with 3 new drinks that will blast you to another universe!

Blue Space – Mango, blue spirulina, banana, tropical juice, mango yoghurt, vanilla yoghurt and ice
Purple CrushBlueberry, lychee, pink dragon fruit, tropical juice, apple juice, sorbet and ice
Pink Dragon Fruit – Pink dragon fruit, raspberries, tropical juice, mango nectar, strawberry yoghurt and ice

Time to take this plutonic relationship to the next level- launch yourself down to Boost to try one or all three today!


T&C’s/Disclaimer: Although products marked with this symbol are made using plant-based ingredients, there may be traces of animal products present due to potential cross contamination in store or during the external manufacturing process of the ingredients used in such products.