NEW Slender Blend Up range!

19th March 2018

NEW Slender Blend Up range, available exclusively in NSW & ACT stores.

Slender Blend Ups are our delicious, on-the-go solution for any of you on a fitness plan. Choose from three new flavours that have been specifically developed to contain under 225 calories and at least 20 grams of protein! A yummy, quick and easy way to stay fit and motivated.

Yogonana – Banana, milk, cinnamon, vita booster, whey protein, dates & ice.
Berry Fit – Banana, milk, freshly juiced apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mango, whey protein, superfruit booster & ice.
Green Spinner – Banana, milk, freshly juiced apple, mango, whey protein, spinach & ice.

Nutritional Panels


Berry Fit

Green Spinner