Real Fruit, Real Veg, Real Ugly.

27th November 2017

It’s no secret that we love fruit and veggies; quite frankly we’re on the verge of obsessed when it comes to getting fruit and veg into Aussie tum tums. We dream about it, write about it, chat about it, even sing about it and it’s the reason why every smoothie and juice on our menu contains that real fruit and veg goodness.

Are we picky and fussy and only want the best? You betcha! Does that mean we only use the perfect looking fruit & veg that you see on the covers of magazines? No siree Bob! We love ALL fruit and veg, even the B Grade stuff.

What the juice is B Grade? How convenient of you to ask! 

B Grade fruit and veg are the “ugly” little guys that sometimes get left behind when it comes to making their way on to the major grocer’s shelves. They have bumps, scratches, extra heads, extra legs, quirky colours and shapes, but are all just as beautiful on the inside where it counts.

They are perfect for us to chop, peel, squeeze, juice and blend so you can get some good in you when you head in store to get your Boost fix.